James Trotman



James started tattooing in 2009. After working in a studio for a few years, he decided to open Distinkt tattoos in 2012.


He first started drawing from a young age and was inspired by his cousin, who is a graphic designer and taught him the fundamentals of art.

He is a fountain of useless knowledge and sings out of tune a lot!

James is always drawing or painting and continues to research new ideas for designs.

James' preferred style of tattooing, is Neo-traditional and Japanese, but is an all rounder

Poum Woonsee



Poum started his apprenticeship, with a Monk, in Thailand, in 1996, in the traditional bamboo style.

Once his training was complete, he moved to the islands of Koh Phangan, Phi Phi and Koh Lipe, where he continued his craft and learnt to use a tattoo machine.

Poum moved to the UK in 2013 and joined Distinkt in the same year. 


Poum has a massive collection of strange artifacts, including skulls and a tiger tooth!  He is always using them as art studies.

Poum's preferred style of tattooing, is realism and Thai Sak Yant.


Gemma Chaplin




Gemma started her apprenticeship here at Distinkt, back in 2013.

She always wanted to do something creative, ever since leaving school and to actually be able to do her dream job, is amazing and she feels so lucky and fortunate to do so!


She has been tattooing now for 5 years; which is crazy!


Like most artists, she feels like you never stop learning in this industry and is always striving to push herself more!


Gemma's preferred style of tattooing is black work, such as whipshading and dotwork.  She also likes to dabble in Neo-traditional and colour, when given the chance.

                          Carly May


Carly has been tattooing  since 2015.

She has been drawing/painting for as long as she can remember. Growing up, Carly was an only child, so the main form of entertainment for her, was to draw (they didn't have a TV!).  After discovering she had a talent for art, she continued it through her school years into adulthood.


Carly started out as an apprentice in a Oxfordshire studio (that's why she speaks funny) and then joined Distinkt in 2018. But, much of what she knows today, she mastered herself! She is so glad to have joined the studio!

Carly's preferred style of tattooing, is floral and ornamental, using dainty lines and stippling and favours Nature themes in her work.

She is happy to do either colour or black and grey.











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